Fritch neighbors restoring homes after storm damage

An appeared trailer home is left destroyed by Fritch storm on Tuesday. (ABC 7 Amarillo- Jala Washington).

From a knocked over five-wheeler, collapsed structures and a trailer home left in shambles, a severe storm on Tuesday proves to be a scary situation for Fritch neighbors.

"One of my boys was like, 'Mom, the pool is gone,' and I was like, 'No, it's not, ' and yeah, it was," Fritch neighbor Debora Lovato said.

Lovato said not only is her above-ground pool destroyed, but the strong winds flung her husband across their yard at the peak of its destruction.

"I look up, he's there, then he's gone," she said. "And then, by the time we finally got him back in, and got the door to shut, it was over."

A short-lived storm, is why many are surprised by its damages.

"We heard the wind just roaring," Debra Wells, another Fritch neighbor said.

Wells, who lives a few blocks over said she and her family spent the day cleaning up chunks of metal, debris and other things blown into their yard.

"A piece of tin landed over here, scrapped up the house and turned on the water," Wells said.

But damages like a hole left in their house, and other destruction around their property seem minor compared to how things could've been.

"We could've found something else to do with our day today, but cleaning up as a family, helping neighbors, and neighbors helping us, it just kind of brings everybody together as a community," Wells said.

As a community, the well-being of all neighbors is something many in the Fritch community value.

"I'm here, I still got a roof over my head, I got my family [and] I'm good," Lovato said.

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