Local law enforcement seeing trend following migrant caravan

(Source: File Video)

With eyes on Eagle Pass in wake of the migrant caravan, one Valley city is seeing an uptick of immigrants crossing the border.

"We have seen a little bit of an increase on calls for service regarding suspicious individuals whether they’re recently crossed undocumented [immigrants] toward the southern streets of our town,” said Rio Grande City Police Asst. Chief, Jose Solis.

Although it's unclear to determine what's driving migrants to make the trek to Rio Grande City, the police department has identified a pattern.

"Really the last two caravans are where we've seen a little bit of an increase,” said Solis.

Solis said on a weekly basis they receive anywhere between five to 15 calls. But back in November, they found themselves dealing with even larger numbers.

"When we had the migrant caravan the first time around, we had two pursuits in a week,” explained Solis. “Where it involved two or three vehicles transporting about 20, 30 individuals in each vehicle."

The assistant chief also thinks it could be because migrants are taking advantage of law enforcement that are being relocated like DPS Troopers that were sent out to Eagle Pass last week.

Solis believes the proximity of the city to the river plays a big part in giving immigrants the opportunity to cross into the U,S, without being caught.

Whatever the reason may be, Solis said the department continues to be one step ahead of the criminal element.

Roma Police believes the migrants are choosing Rio Grande City because Roma has become heavily patrolled.

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