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Memorial Day Weekend expects to see drivers packing the roads

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With the Memorial Day Weekend kicking off, the roads and highways throughout the state are going to be filled with holiday travelers so we caught up with a few of them who told us their plan for the holiday weekend.

Denise Colley and her friends travelled from near the panhandle to have their holiday fun, “We're going to have a girls weekend. We're meeting up with some more family from Alvarado and we're going to get together in Granbury and do the Granbury historic square shopping.”

While Jim Harris, from Lubbock, has different plans for him and his family, “We're going to Fort Worth and we’re gonna check out the Colonial Golf Tournament this weekend and play a little golf and see one of my kids.”

As Memorial Day kicks off the unofficial start of the Summer season, it means that more people are on the roads, which is why law enforcement officials are urging all drivers to drive with caution while getting to their destination. They gave some tips how they can stay safe on the roads.

  • Drive Defensively
  • Don't drive distracted, put the phone and other distractions away
  • Respect your fellow drivers on the road

However, there is some good news for drivers that are heading out to celebrate Memorial Day, despite the fact that the Texas state average is still over $3.00; according to AAA gas prices are more than a dollar lower than this time last year.

Even with the drop in prices from last year, the people we spoke with told us that they were traveling regardless of the price of gas, Harris told us that, “You have to watch your money but always we're gonna try to still have a good life.”

While Colley said that it’s just a part of the travel plans they make, “I mean you absolutely have to budget for that, but yeah we're still going to leave town yeah we're going to go where we wanted to go.”

While everyone wants to have a good holiday weekend, several law enforcement agencies told us that they are going to be out and about this Memorial Day weekend to make sure that everyone is traveling safe.

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