More e-scooters, e-bikes arrive in San Antonio


    SAN ANTONIO -- Thousands more e-scooters and dockless bicycles are now on San Antonio sidewalks and roadways.

    The city is making some major changes and will be cracking down on people who ride and park against the rules.

    Faustino Diaz said he has ridden every type of e-scooter available in San Antonio.

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    Today was his first ride on the new Jump electric dockless bicycle.

    He said he likes it better than the scooter.

    “It’s a lot more smooth," Diaz said. "I don’t have to be standing up and it seems like it goes a lot faster."

    Right now, there are 12,000 permitted e-scooters and dockless e-bikes in San Antonio.

    According to the city, within the next couple of months there will be another 2,000 coming into town.

    By comparison, Austin has over 14,000 e-scooters and e-bikes, Dallas has less than San Antonio with over 11,000. Houston has none.

    E-scooters and bikes_FS.jpg

    Now it’s time to have the rubber meet the road in regards to the city council ordinance regulating these things.

    “We don’t want to see people with their kids riding the scooters throughout downtown," said Councilman Roberto Treviño, District 1. "That’s not a safe practice so we will be cracking down starting next week."

    City of San Antonio cracking down on electric scooters

    SAPD will be writing tickets for folks not following the rules.

    The city has added 10 new parking areas for e-scooters downtown to help clear sidewalks.

    By next week there will be 25 parking spots.

    The city is still actively looking to hire a Pedestrian Mobility Officer who would handle issues with e-scooters.

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