New mural painted on building in Abilene's SODA district

Big, bright and colorful are all words that could describe the new mural that has been painted on the Precision Unlimited Heating and Cooling Building in Abilene's South of Downtown Abilene (SODA) district.

Abilene native Ben Bailey bought Precision Unlimited Heating and Cooling in January and wanted to be a part of revitalizing his hometown.

"Not only to make our building look beautiful, but to make this entire area look beautiful," said Bailey.

Bailey and his wife were enlisted in the Navy for 10 years before deciding to move back to Abilene.

"We honestly wanted to give back and do something, we wanted to be a part of the growth and beautification of the city," Bailey said.

Bailey said that he knew the perfect person to make his vision come to life.

Other than artist Calina Mishay Johnson's talent and vibrant personality, there was something deeper that made Bailey want to work with her.

"You know, her husband being in the military, me being prior military, I think it was a perfect fit and I think she did great," Bailey said.

Johnson and her husband have been painting murals around Texas for nearly two years and among the murals they have painted is a mural that people may already be familiar with that is located at the intersection of North 3rd Street and Pine Street.

"One of the reasons we started doing these murals is because we wanted people to get excited about a change that happens quickly, 'cause we put this up in three days," said Johnson.

Johnson believes that this mural will get people excited about embracing rapid and positive changes in their community.

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