Pregnancy Resources of Abilene holds 3rd annual Abilene Pregnancy Fair

Pregnancy Resources of Abilene hosted their third annual Abilene Pregnancy Fair at the Abilene-Taylor County Public Health District building Wednesday morning.

According to Lydia Dubose, the Education Coordinator for Pregnancy Resources of Abilene, the Abilene Pregnancy Fair is an opportunity for families to learn about the services that are available for pregnant women in Abilene both during and after their respective pregnancies.

"We see a lot of women that come into our center and they don't know a lot about the pregnancy and childbirth and the postpartum process and what to expect from that time," said Dubose.

Pregnancy-related organizations and outreach programs were on site to answer questions and provide information to expectant mothers and their families.

Local mother of two Elizabeth Ferguson said that attending Wednesday's event was crucial for her considering the situation her and her family are dealing with in their lives right now.

"I've got two kids of my own, my son who is age two and a daughter who is four months, see what benefits they could offer me, maybe counseling with any postpartum depression I may experience or any resources that I could use for my kids," Ferguson said.

Ferguson told KTXS News about her sister, who could have really benefited from the pregnancy services that are offered in Abilene if their parents had reached out for help for her sister.

"My sister has a disorder and she has delays and I wish they could have helped with that earlier, but my parents never reached out, that's why I wish more parents would reach out for these things," Ferguson said.

For that reason, Ferguson encourages all families to take advantage of the pregnancy resources available to residents of Abilene and its surrounding communities.

Services who were on hand at the Abilene Pregnancy Fair included:

Pregnancy Resources of Abilene



FirstCare STAR

Mommies to Mamas

Women, Infants & Children

BCFS Health and Human Services

MCH Family Outreach

Abilene Regional Medical Center


Stork Vision


Hendrick Medical Center

Rollins Plains Management Corporation

Abilene Housing Authority

Abilene-Taylor County Public Health District, Immunizations

Betty Hardwick Center Early Childhood Intervention

Noah Project

Abilene ISD Pregnancy Related Services

MERCY Health Clinic

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