Southwest Key holds tour of Brownsville facility for national media

Wednesday, Southwest Key held a news media tour of its Casa Padre holding facility in Brownsville.

A Brownsville shelter for migrant children that denied access to a U.S. senator last week held a media tour of its facility Wednesday, but local media outlets weren't invited.

The tour of the Southwest Key Casa Padre holding facility comes after a state inspection report on housing facilities across Texas was released.

According to the Houston Chronicle, state regulators found approximately 150 health violations at more than a dozen shelters across Texas housing children taken from their parents while attempting to cross the border illegally.

Violations over the last two years include inadequate supervision, lack of timely medical care and children given medicine to which they were allergic.

The shelters are operated by Southwest Key programs, which runs 16 of the 35 shelters in Texas— including several in the Rio Grande Valley. The Casa Padre location is under contract with the federal office of refugee resettlement.

Southwest Key housed nearly 2,600 children last month.

U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley attempted to tour this facility last week to see the conditions the children were living in, but was turned away by staff.

Another tour is reportedly scheduled for next week with elected officials.

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