Survey shows more seniors getting flu shots in Bexar County

    (Photo: MGN)

    A new study looks into how many elderly people in our area plan on getting flu shots this year.

    The flu can be deadly, and this year medical professionals say the flu season has started early which is not good for people with weakened immune systems.

    According to a study done by Clover Health, 74 percent of seniors in Bexar County do plan on getting a flu shot.

    The national average is 63 percent but doctors would like to see both numbers go up.

    The most common reason seniors in the survey said they don’t get the flu shots is they are afraid the shot will make them sick with side effects.

    “They can get mild body aches, headaches they and they can get low-grade fever. Sometimes you get swelling around the injection site but it’s nowhere near as severe as the flu and will typically only last one or two days, so if they take Tylenol or Motrin and hydrate they’ll be fine,” said Lynda Okafor, a nurse practitioner for Clover Health.

    Last year more than 800 people in Bexar County died of the flu.

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