Troop 80 Tree Land opens in benefit of boy scouts


It is a tradition that has been apart of the community for almost 60 years and has made it's way back for the holiday.Friday may be Black Friday for most, but Troop 80 Tree Land Manager Doug Sahli said it is the official day people start thinking about Christmas."This is when we start selling them. People were lined up ready to buy a tree today, " said Sahli. Located at the corner of Plains Avenue and Bellaire, about 600 trees fill the lot. Sahli said this is the best the trees have ever looked."The trees look really nice this year, last year we had nice trees but some of them weren't," said Sahli. One stands out in the crowd. "This is a noble, see how it goes in layers kind of like a that's a Noble fir it would be our most popular," said Sahli.Funds from tree sales benefit the Troop 80 Boy Scouts."One part of the money will help, of course, pay the bills. "We have two buses and a truck, it also help to pay for trips the boys get to go on," said Sahli.This is Wyatt Willburn's second year volunteering with the troop's tree sales and he feels working at the tree lot has helped him develop socially."For me, it's like helping learn, communicating with people and helping if I ever have a job," said Willburn.He also said he is able to get a good work out in."You have to pull out trees and you get to put them back in," said Willburn.The Boy Scouts net the trees, saw off the trunk and then they are ready to be sold. Morgan Haiduk has been volunteering since 1984 and he feels this is a great teaching experience for the boys."It teaches the boys responsibility, how to sell , customer service and how to interact with people of all different everything," said Haiduk.
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