President signs 911 law inspired by Texas mother

A Texas law is now a national one. Friday President Donald Trump signed Kari's Law at the White House. (Photo courtesy: U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert)

A Texas law is now a national one. Friday President Donald Trump signed Kari's Law at the White House.

"It's been a long four years. A hard four years," her father, Hank Hunt, said when he learned the bill was headed to the president's desk.

In 2013, Kari Hunt's husband murdered her in a Marshall, Texas hotel room. The couple's oldest daughter, just 9 years old, tried calling 911 over and over, but the call never went through because the phone required her to dial a "9" first to get an outside line. It's a flaw Kari's father made it a mission to do something about.

"I made a promise to a 9-year-old that I'd fix it and boy I was scared to death I'd never be able to hold up to that promise, but I found the right people to help me with it," Hunt told KLTV-7 in an interview last week.

What started as a petition on became a Texas Law in 2015 when Governor Greg Abbott signed Kari's Law with her daughter Brianna there as a witness.

Friday, Brianna -- who is now a teenager -- met the president and once again collected the pen that turned her mother's name into a law. The Hunt family facetimed with CBS Austin from Washington, D.C. right after the signing.

"I was standing behind the president while he was talking about my daughter and then about my family and then about my granddaughter. It was exactly where I thought it would be," Hunt said.

Since 2013, Kari's family has traveled the state and nation pushing for the re-programming of multi-line phones so that 911 calls 911... no extra 9s needed.

"I hugged Hank earlier after the signing and of course we had some tears, but I said, 'I would rather have her, but that can't happen so this is amazing… in her honor and for Brianna and the whole family,'" said Kari's sister Laura Napier.

As their journey to pass Kari's Law comes to a close, the Hunt family says they're humbled, amazed and above all else thankful for the supporters who have turned into friends and helped make Kari's Law a nationwide reality.

Schools, hotels, offices and other buildings with multi-line phone systems will have two years to get in compliance with Kari's Law ensuring direct 911 access without dialing a prefix on a phone.

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