This week's wintry mix causes power outages and fallen tree limbs in May

The wintry mix that hit Brown County this week caused a large and heavy oak tree to break apart in May, which nearly fell on a home.

David Williams has lived in that house located on Vaughn Street for nearly 20 years with his family. He said he pulled into his driveway 30 seconds after the tree fell.

"I mean, it's a large limb, weighs a couple of hundred pounds or maybe 300 or 400 pounds," Williams said.

His son and daughter, who both attend Howard Payne University, heard the tree fall and describe the sound of it tumbling like the sound of a rocking chair. Williams said Thursday's icy weather was unreal.

"I didn't expect to see this on a Thursday and [we] got a nice big tree here," Williams said.

The cause of the tree's collapse was a combination of freezing temperatures and rain, which created ice that accumulated on tree limbs and power lines.

Williams said he only lost power at his family's house for a few hours, yet some of his neighbors remain without electricity.

"It seemed like the temperature was just right to just let it collect more, more and more," he said. "And of course, leading to all the problems we've had with the electricity and obviously, the trees breaking."

None of the family's vehicles nor the home were damaged by the large oak tree, which is currently laying on the Williams family's front yard.

"My house is OK. My shed's OK, although it needs to come down, but [I'm] very blessed," Williams said.

Williams is not looking forward to Saturday, when he will be chopping up the tree for firewood, but his parents will definitely be happy about it since he's giving them most of it so they can stay warm during the frigid winter months.

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