Woman fighting for improved living conditions at apartment complex


SAN ANTONIO - A woman is fighting for improved living conditions at a apartment complex on the northwest side.

Lyndsey Gray says she's found roaches in her cabinets, needles in her front yard and most recently, a man's body outside of her apartment.

"It was right outside of the window. You could see the body laying there, I could see what he was wearing, the blood, the wounds," said Gray.

A homicide investigation is underway into that man's killing but the unexpected discovery was enough for Gray to pack up and move. She says the conditions at Pepperidge Apartments were allegedly dangerous and unhealthy.

"Always used syringes everywhere, broken glass, all the trash, chicken bones people would throw out, they just treated the ground like it was their dumpster," said Gray.

Gray says she' filed several complaints and opened a case with code compliance. According to Gray, when she moved from the apartment, code compliance closed the case but she still wants to speak up for the residents she says are still suffering because they're low-income families with few choices.

"I don't feel like anybody deserves to live in a place where it's not safe for your health or your safety," Gray said. "Just because people may not be able to afford to live in the Dominon, you're going to treat them like it doesn't matter what they live in?

We went to the apartment complex office where a manager told us pest control makes routine weekly visits to the complex.

The manager could not comment on how pending complaints are being resolved and would not say if they have any planned improvements.

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