ACU hoops confident through toughest stretch

ACU men confident through test stretch of the season

At the halfway point of the Southland Conference schedule the ACU men's basketball team is right in the thick of the race for the conference tournament.

Head coach Joe Golding called their last five games the toughest stretch of the season, with four of those games on the road.

The Wildcats emerged with three wins from that five-game span, and are in seventh place in the conference.

"As a group we've got the guys, the leadership, the toughness, the talent to make a run to get to Katy and make it to the national tournament," graduate senior guard Tevin Foster said.

The top eight teams make the SLC tournament in Katy, Texas. After a four-year period for re-classifying to Division I, this is the first season ACU is eligible to make the tournament.

"We've got to learn from this first half of conference play. Learn from our mistakes and grow on it. Then this second half, after this bye week, we've got to keep moving forward and make that push so we can go to Katy."

The Wildcats are 13-9 overall, and 5-4 in conference. They have five of their next seven games at home starting with Wednesday's home match against Lamar.

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