Grant Teaff matching challenge has drawn more than $100,000 in gifts to McMurry

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What began as a one-time large donation to McMurry University's Athletic Department has now turned into something much larger, and more fulfilling as well.

In 2016 legendary McMurry football player, and later head coach from 1960-65, Grant Teaff wanted to know how he could help his alma mater. Athletic Director Sam Ferguson suggested turning Teaff's gift into something that could include more people and thus the idea for the Grant Teaff Matching Challenge was born.

"Grant's name brings a ton of weight, and folks want to be associated with initiatives that Grant is involved in," said Ferguson. "When coach Teaff puts his name to it, you can count on success."

Teaff has pledged to match gifts dollar-for-dollar up to $150,000.

Ferguson said since the program was launched in February, more than $100,000 has been gifted or committed by nearly 80 donors to improve McMurry's athletic facilities and equipment.

"He coached here for several years. He has donated his entire salary back to us and then some, so that's generosity right there," said Ferguson.

"As we look to McMurry's Centennial celebration in 2023, our strategic plan insures that McMurry athletics continues to prosper,'" said Ferguson. "A key to continuing our athletic success is McMurry's commitment to provide our scholar-athletes with the best facilities and equipment and ensure that they represent our proud athletic tradition."

Teaff, and his wife Donnelle, will receive the Bob and Clara Brown Award for exceptional support of McMurry athletics at the War Haws' Hall of Honor induction ceremony on September 8.

Grant Teaff has already been inducted into the Hall of Honor as a player/coach, and as part of three teams: the 1953 football team, a coach of the 1961 track and field team, and coach of the 1963 football team.

Click here for more information on the Grant Teaff Matching Challenge.

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