Abilene chapter seeking new basketball officials for upcoming season

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Though it is squarely football season, those who love being on the court are preparing for basketball season.

The Abilene chapter of basketball officials is inviting everyone interested in officiating games to attend their rookie meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 19 at 6 p.m. at Wylie Junior High.

Chapter board member Jeff Groban, who has been calling games for more than 30 years, says they have lost 17 members from last year and are always looking for new people.

"A lot of our officials, including myself, have been doing it for a long time," said Groban. "We really enjoy the camaraderie we have with the guys we've been calling with for a long time. That's what we look forward to with basketball season coming up is getting to go out and ref with our friends, travel a little bit with them."

The chapter provides training and each person can set his or her own game schedule.

"We've got a great reputation," said Groban. "The Abilene chapter is one of the best. We'll do 85 playoff games a year because of our reputation.

"It's a blast, we enjoy it and you make a little money while doing it."

Officials are paid per game, can be reimbursed for mileage driven and typically work multiple games in one day. Each official is paid $70 for working one high school varsity game, $50 for junior varsity and between $35-45 for middle school.

Weekly meetings are also held throughout the season each Wednesday at 6 p.m. at Wylie Junior High.

Click here for more information on how to become a basketball official.

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