Costume baseball scrimmage helps Abilene PD's K-9 Unit


The Abilene High and Cooper baseball teams got together on Monday night for a baseball scrimmage with a twist.

Instead of the usual warm-up for the upcoming season, both AHS head coach Ryan Lewis and Cooper head coach Cody Salyers wanted to do something to help the community and have fun. Thus the idea to hold a scrimmage with everyone in costumes was born.

Players, coaches and even the umpires were dressed up as superheroes, pop culture characters and interesting mash-ups of a few different costumes.

More than $1,400 was raised and will go to the Abilene Police Department's K-9 Unit for some much needed equipment. Officers said the money will help buy gear to train the dogs and their partners.

Lewis and Salyers wanted to help the Abilene PD, which told them the K-9 Unit was in the biggest need for donations.

The two coaches said college programs and some high schools have done costume scrimmages, but mainly during the fall. Lewis donned the Abilene High Eagle mascot which he described as "unbelievably hot", while Salyers described his costume as "a ballerina on someone's shoulders."

KTXS Sports Director Chris Wilner also showed up to the scrimmage in his authentic racecar driving suit.

Both the Eagles and Cougars will start their regular seasons this weekend.

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