FCA All-Star Fest wraps up 'life-changing' week for young adults

FCA All Star Fest 2018.jpg

The 2018 Big Country's Fellowship of Christian Athletes All-Star Festival concluded with the 19th annual Myrle Greathouse Football Classic on Saturday night.

The red team edged the blue team, 21-7, led by Offensive MVP Gavin Jefferson from Brownwood, while Reagan County's Alex Ayala earned Defensive MVP for the blue squad.

However, the score of the game is inconsequential compared to what these young adults have experienced over the past week of bonding with new teammates and coming together through worship.

"It's life-changing, that's for sure," Jim Ned graduate, and red team lineman Peyton Weatherly said. "My favorite part is definitely the services we go to. It's an amazing time. It hits me right there. Best time of my life pretty much."

"I would tell anyone who has the chance to go at it, and make the most of it," said Stamford graduate and blue team lineman H.D. Lewis. "Enjoy every bit of time because you only get one chance to do this and it's been a great experience."

The North All-Stars won the volleyball match on Saturday afternoon, 2-0, over the South.

Graham's Jasmine Sims was named MVP.

In the men's basketball game, the North defeated the South 92-89 with Wylie's Dylan Isenhower earning the MVP honor.

The South won the women's basketball game, 69-57. Wylie's Lauren Fulenwider was named the MVP.

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