Gettin' the band back together: Martin brothers reunite at Wylie

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To no one's surprise the Wylie High School baseball team is powering through another season.

At 16-2-1, the Bulldogs are ranked fifth in the latest Class 4A poll by

It doesn't help their opponents any that there is another Martin on the coaching staff.

Grant Martin returned to Wylie and reunited with his brother head coach Clay Martin at the beginng of the school year.

"This place has always felt like home to us. We have a lot of good friends and family here. That played a big part in us coming back," said Grant Martin. "Our girls being six and four, starting school, getting them back in this system was a big deal to us."

"Grant is someone I'm really close to, and having him back here is great for not only us, but also for the school," said Clay Martin, who joked that his brother is much older than him because he has more gray hairs.

Actually, Grant is eight years younger than Clay.

The two brothers coached together for nine seasons at Wylie before Grant Martin left to become a head coach for three years at Vernon, and then the past four at Burkburnett.

"At church the other day the priest mentioned it's a little hard to turn left onto Buffalo Gap," said Grant Martin on the changes from when he last lived in Abilene. "I think it was a little easier when we first started 18 years ago."

Family was the driving force behind Grant, and his wife's Krystal, returning to area, but there was also the pull of re-joining a successful program like Wylie baseball.

"Just to be a part of that again was the biggest deal," said Grant Martin, who is the first base coach during varsity games while his brother is across the diamond at third.

"The draw of the expectations from the kids, from the coaches, from the parents, we like that. That's something that resonates throughout."

The Bulldogs have been to the state tournament three straight years, and won the last two Class 4A state titles.

"This will be our tenth year to coach together. Maybe our personalities are a little bit different, but our philosophies are very much the same," said Grant Martin.

Coaching runs in the family in both directions. The Martin's father was a track and football coach for 30 years, their uncle is the athletic director at Burkburnett, and Clay's oldest son Garrett is an assistant football coach at Hardin-Simmons.

"It's been in our blood for quite a while," remarked Grant.

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