Hamlin's search for payback against Albany

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The Hamlin Pied Pipers have a shot at being Regional Champions. The only team standing in their way is the only team they've lost to all season.

The Albany Lions started the season 0-5 before winning all of their district games and beating Hamlin for the district title.

Now in the forth round of the playoffs, Hamlin is looking for redemption.

"We know they have a great team. They beat us once this year, so we know what they're capable of," Hamlin head coach Russell Lucas said. "We're treating them with the respect that they deserve and we're looking forward to getting another shot at them,"

"We're been wanting a shot at them since right after we lost," said sophomore running back Jackson Sepeda. "We knew we didn't play very well and they played phenomenal. Us coming that close to coming back and beating them being down 21, we knew we just wanted one more shot at it."

Wanting a rematch isn't the only part of this Thursday night's game for the Pied Pipers. They have history with Albany in the fourth round while playing at Shotwell Stadium. In 2014 Albany beat Hamlin to take the regional title and move on in the playoffs.

"I remember that game like it was yesterday because I was standing on the sideline," senior Jared Woods said. "Going into that game, thinking we had a chance to win, going back and fourth and just lost it at the end."

Sepeda was still in middle school but he was there, too.

"I remember watching it from the bleachers and realizing that, well that's what I wanted to do. To just get out there and have a shot at winning it," said Sepeda.

The regional final game is set for Thursday night at 7 p.m. at Shotwell Stadium.

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