Haskell Girls win Eula Holiday Classic


The Haskell Maidens won the Eula Holiday Classic basketball tournament by beating Eula in the championship game 36-23.

The Maidens won four games to get to the championship round and were proud of their performance, but senior forward Taylor Manske wants them to continue forward into the rest of the season.

"It felt pretty good I feel like we've worked hard and we've accomplished many of our goals and we just keep taking a step forward and I hope we continue to keep going," said Manske.

Moments like this one were powerful and emotional for senior forward C'era Taylor who started tearing up when reflecting on their performance.

"I've never been more proud of my team. We had a lot of freshman who stepped up and did what some of us couldn't and it just makes me really proud. Love being a Haskell Maiden," said Taylor.

The Maidens continue their season on the road against the Clyde Lady Bulldogs on January 2 at 5:20 p.m.

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