Mentality of dominant girls basketball teams in the Big Country

The Hermleigh girls basketball team is among the state-ranked area teams.

The smaller the town in Texas the tougher the athletes who live there.

For proof, look no further than the dominant girls basketball teams here in the Big Country.

Their rankings hold them as some of the best teams in Texas, but it's their mentality that shows you how they got there.

"I think our bread and butter is just out working people. I'm big on hustle and effort, we don't need to be the best basketball players but we need to be the hardest working players," said Hermleigh head coach Duane Hopper.

Hermleigh senior Sandra Carr echoed the team's ability to focus on their effort.

"We all want to work harder than the other team, that's what our motto is: nobody works harder," said Carr.

The Roscoe Plowgirls are having a breakout season with 12 wins already. One more win and they'll surpass their season total for the last two years combined.

Roscoe head coach Shella Arnwine is impressed by the hard work her team has put in since last season ended.

"I think most coaches would probably say that their girls have worked hard since October but I think our girls have been hard at it since, I don't know that last game when we played against Hamlin as soon as the buzzer went off," said Arnwine.

The smaller town mentality leads to the necessity to find more activities in the day time. Lucky for the Plowgirls fan base, the team just wants to shoot some hoops.

Senior Jovana Pena looks at it as a chance to become great at something they love.

"If you come from a small town, you have nothing to do. We don't have just a mall to go down the street to, such big gallerias to just go hang out, skate. We always go to the gym for fun, we always go to each other's houses to connect with each other. So if this is what you got you gotta do your best at it," said Pena.

Both teams tip off on Tuesday. Hermleigh travels to face Loraine at 6:30 p.m. and Roscoe welcomes Hawley also at 6:30 p.m.

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