More than 30 Big Country athletes earn medals at UIL state track meet

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After nine area athletes landed on the medal stand during the first day of the UIL state track and field meet in Austin, more than 20 others joined them on the second and final day on Saturday. Athletes from Classes 4A, 2A and 1A competed on Saturday.

Cross Plains' Creed Goode finished his high school track career by collecting a silver medal in the Class 1A boys' 300 meter hurdles. Goode won two gold medals on Friday.

Wylie freshman Kylor Aguilar finished second in the Class 4A boys' pole vault with a best attempt of 15 feet.

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Albany senior Dax Neece earned two silver medals on Saturday in the Class 2A boys' high jump and triple jump, respectively. Chase Thompson from Rule won gold in the 100 and 400 meter dashes in Class 1A, but then was bested by Blanket's Logan Wheeler in the 200.

The Wylie Lady Bulldogs took home bronze in the 4x400 relay, while girls' relay teams from Gorman, Lingleville and Water Valley all earned hardware.

Priddy's Chandler Hurst was the silver medalist from the Class 1A boys' 800 meter run. A pair of De Leon athletes grabbed medals as Chris Cox earned silver in the Class 2A boys' 200 meter dash, with Anthony Rangel claiming bronze in the 100.

Below is a list of results from area competitors in Saturday's events.

Class 4A

Boys 4x100 Relay – Brownwood, 9th place (Patrick Nash, Braden Jetton, AJ McCarty, Tommy Bowden)

Girls 800 – Leandra Benton, 5th place (Wylie); Kyra Young, 8th place (Brownwood)

Girls 300 Hurdles – Madison Latham, 5th place (Wylie)

Boys 300 Hurdles – Gatlin Martin, 8th place (Wylie)

Girls 1600 – Kyra Young, 8th place (Brownwood)

Girls 4x400 Relay – Wylie, 3rd place (Brianna Douglas, Abbigayle Gollihar, Abbey Henson, Leandrea Benton)

Girls Discus – Chyanne Ellett, 8th place (Brownwood)

Girls Pole Vault – Trinity Buitron 7th place (Brownwood)

Boys Pole Vault – Kylor Aguilar, 2nd place (Wylie)

Boys Triple Jump – AJ McCarty, 8th place (Brownwood)

Class 2A

Girls 4x100 Relay – Stamford, 9th place (Honesty Spotwood, Mariah Fletcher, Brooklyn Woodard, Adreana Ortiz)

Boys 4x100 Relay – De Leon, 8th place (Jeffrey Hodges, Christopher Cox, Anthony Rangel, Jorge Gonzalez)

Girls 800 – Kayla Taylor, 7th place (Munday)

Girls 100 – Kailson Brinson, 4th place (De Leon)

Boys 100 – Anthony Rangel, 3rd place (De Leon)

Boys 4x200 Relay – De Leon, 6th place (Tony Evans, Anthony Rangel, Christopher Cox, Orson Sylva)

Girls 400 – Baley Green, 5th place (Albany); Laramie Terrell, 7th place (Stamford)

Boys 200 – Christopher Cox, 2nd place (De Leon)

Girls Discus – Kristen Kuehler, 4th place (Munday)

Boys Discus – Kade Sanders, 8th place (Munday)

Boys Long Jump – Dax Neece, 2nd place (Albany); Cameron Dacus, 7th place (Albany)

Boys Shot Put – Kaven Lumsden, 7th place (Munday)

Boys Triple Jump – Dax Neece, 2nd place (Albany)

Class 1A

Girls 4x100 Relay – Gorman, 1st place (Laney Dixon, Jessica Ramirez, M’Kayla Lytle, Kelsie Guthery); Water Valley, 3rd place (Kirstyn Greebon, Cayce Jackson, Kalysta Minton-Holland, Kenzie Jordan); Roby, 5th place (Kolbi Helm, Caitlin Benson, Emilea Cole, Hallie Edmondson)

Boys 4x100 Relay – Baird, 5th place (Ricardo Gonzalez, Matthew Ledesma, Max Dayton, Jax Bellar); Strawn, 6th place (Julian Fraga, Tanner Hodgkins, JW Montgomery, Zavion Winegeart); Water Valley - DQ (Angel Dominguez, Eric Sharp, Branden Henley, Jeremy Jackson)

Girls 800 – Kiley Cummings, 9th place (Blackwell)

Boys 800 – Chandler Hurst, 2nd place (Priddy)

Girls 100 Hurdles – Erin Price, J6th place (Strawn)

Boys 110 Hurdles – Brandon Brinkman, 6th place (Blackwell); John Ford Wall, 8th place (Zephyr); Hunter Clark, DQ (Blackwell)

Boys 100 – Chase Thompson, 1st place (Rule); Logan Wheeler, 2nd place (Blanket); Jake Smiley, 7th place (Santa Anna)

Girls 4x200 Relay – Lingleville, 2nd place (Samantha Rodriguez, Selina Alvarado, Ilse Deboer, Nichole Koke); Water Valley, 4th place (Kirstyn Greebon, Cayce Jackson, Kalysta Minton-Holland, Kenzie Jordan); Benjamin, 5th place (Braleigh Blanchette, Macy Flowers, Myca Flowers, Temi Flowers); Gorman, 8th place (Laney Dixon, M’Kayla Lytle, Kelsie Guthery, Daniella Segura)

Boys 4x200 Relay – Water Valley, 4th place (Angel Dominguez, Eric Sharp, Branden Henley, Jeremy Jackson); Baird, 7th place (Max Dayton, Matthew Ledesma, Jax Bellar, Ricardo Gonzalez); Strawn - 8th place (Julian Fraga, Tanner Hodgkins, Kody Gault, Zavion Winegeart)

Girls 400 – Jessica Ramirez, 2nd place (Gorman); Kiley Cummings, 4th place (Blackwell)

Boys 400 – Chase Thompson, 1st place (Rule)

Girls 300 Hurdles – Macee Steigleder, 5th place (Cross Plains); Jullisa Ureno, 6th place (Robert Lee)

Boys 300 Hurdles – Creed Goode, 2nd place (Cross Plains); Karson Valentine, 5th place (Ira); Brandon Brinkman, 9th place (Blackwell)

Girls 200 – Kenzie Jordan, 1st place (Water Valley) *new Class 1A state record*; Hallie Edmondson, 4th place (Roby)

Boys 200 – Logan Wheeler, 1st place (Blanket); Chase Thompson, 2nd place (Rule) Jake Smiley, 4th place (Santa Anna); Julian Fraga, 8th place (Strawn)

Girls 1600 – Baylee Pickens, 5th place (Trent); Gabby Durbin, 7th place (Zephyr)

Boys 1600 –Domanic Enriquez, 8th place (Santa Anna)

Girls 4x400 Relay – Roby, 4th place (Caitlin Benson, Kolbi Helm, Emily Branson, Hallie Edmondson); Lingleville, 5th place (Samantha Rodriguez, Selina Alvarado, Ilse Deboer, Nichole Koke); Cross Plains, 6th place (Shana Yates, Macee Steigleder, Brooklyn Patteson, Jackilann Shepard); Benjamin - 7th place (Braleigh Blanchette, Macy Flowers, Myca Flowers, Temi Flowers)

Boys 4x400 Relay – Strawn, 7th place (Marco Lopez, Zavion Winegeart, Kody Gault, Tanner Hodgkins)

Boys Discus – Tanner Hodgkins, 1st place (Strawn); Devin Williams, 2nd place (Zephyr); Caleb Rosenblad, 3rd place (Rotan); Gavin Duncan, 5th place (Strawn)

Boys Pole Vault – Theron Allen, 5th place (Cross Plains); Ivan Ruiz, 8th place (Strawn)

Girls Shot Put – Kiki Gonzales, 4th place (Hermleigh); Kenadee Shugart, 6th place (Aspermont); Cheyenne Roberson, 8th place (Knox City); Madison Brewster, 9th place (Westbrook)

Girls Triple Jump – Leann Manske, 4th place (Rule); Kiley Cummings, 7th place (Blackwell)

Boys Triple Jump – Jacob Brown, 4th place (May); Kyler Covington, 6th place (Roby); Trent Padron, 8th place (Gorman)

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