Snyder boys basketball "burning the boats"

The Snyder Tigers are ranked 24th in Class 4A.

The Snyder boys basketball team is off to a great season so far.

With a 19-6 record and now ranked 24th in the state for class 4-A for the second week in a row, people are starting to take notice.

The Tigers are primarily known for their football teams, the success in basketball is making people ask what's different with this year's team?

Coach Lee Scott explained that it first has to do with experience.

"Well we got a great group of kids this year. We got kids that wanna get in the gym they wanna try hard, worked hard over the summer. They didn't just come here during the basketball season and try to prepare. I think we're all kind of there we're all the same we all bust our tail and work hard," said Scott.

Then the motivation and mindset of this team changed with a motto that asks his players to give their maximum effort.

"Well we use the saying 'burn the boats' this year. The story that it comes along is that this conqueror is taking his army across to go take this treasure. His warriors or his fighters are starting to second question it and why we're doing this. He's trying to build them back up and he says hey, we're burning our own boats because the only way we're going home is by taking their boats home. So when we go and we play a game after the win we're taking the team's boat home and that's how we gotta get home. So if we do all that kind of stuff then we'll find the treasure at the end and that's kinda what we've been doing this year," said Scott.

The Tigers next battle is against Greenwood at home on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.

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