Lueders-Avoca basketball is winning with kindness

Gavin Roberts Made His First Ever Basket

The Lueders-Avoca Raiders basketball team has a player who did something that no one would have expected him to.

Gavin Roberts is legally blind, deaf in one ear, and mentally disabled, but on Thursday he scored his first basket ever.

The Raiders' opponent, the Abilene Hawks, understood the situation and made sure to get him the ball in order to give him a chance to score.

When the ball went in, the crowd erupted and Debra Roberts, Gavin's mom, was moved to tears.

"It took my breath because like I said I just started crying instantly because he was so proud of himself and I hardly see that very much," said Debra, who is a kindergarten teacher at Lueders-Avoca. "But just seeing him and he was not ashamed to do his little dance at the end and he was just leaping and bouncing."

When asking Gavin what he thought of scoring he simply said, "It makes me feel happy."

The athletic community at Lueders-Avoca believes in being part of the family and looking after each other, no matter their circumstance.

"We put family on everything. We do that because if you put love and family first, the winning and the team will come," Lueders-Avoca head coach Eric Hearn said. "That's been my coaching philosophy is that we're gonna love everyone. The rest will take care of itself."

A team winning through kindness to one of their own and reminding us all the true meaning of sports.

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