From San Angelo to the NBA: Taurean Prince to give back with youth camp

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It's been quite the journey for current Atlanta Hawks forward Taurean Prince -- who at the age of 12, didn't have a place to live.

He and his father Anthony were homeless in San Angelo after Taurean moved from San Marcos. They spent nights at the Salvation Army there, wondering what life could throw at them next.

"That bond between us, is bigger than anybody could see for themselves," said Prince over the phone on Friday. "It's deeper than what you see on the surface. We've been through so much together. From arguments to talking to each other like grown men -- being able to do that with your father, it's more significant in a sons life than not having that type of relationship would be."

But Taurean blossomed into basketball stardom. After beginning to find his niche at Lincoln Middle School, he moved to San Antonio where he helped Earl Warren High School to the Class 5A state semifinals his senior year.

He then played his college ball at Baylor University in Waco, before being the 12th overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft. Just this past season, he averaged 14.1 points per game in his second year with the Atlanta Hawks.

Recently, Taurean wrote about his experiences as a child in San Angelo in this article for the Player's Tribune.

But now, he's come full circle, and is heading back to those areas that have influenced him with a youth basketball camp. On June 9th, he'll return to Lincoln Middle School for his latest camp partnered with "Kids Hoops".

I think this year is going to have an even bigger impact," Prince said about next week's camp. "I already have people contacting me about the camp and everything so, whether it be from a defensive standpoint or offensive standpoint -- or simply just telling my story, I think the kids will definitely embrace it and take a lot away from it."

The camp runs from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and there will not only be basketball fundamentals taught, but life lessons surrounding Taurean's journey.

"In San Angelo, everybody knows everybody so it definitely helped me become part of the man I am today," he said. "I'll always have a special place in my heart for San Angelo and hopefully these kids leave with something."

There are also more ties to San Angelo for this event. Not only was Taurean's father, Anthony a Central H.S. grad, but "Kids Hoops" Director of Basketball Operations -- Sam Sheridan, is as well. The partnership aims to hold low-cost camps in several cities.

The cost of the June 9th clinic is $55. Ages 5-18 are welcome.

For more information on the camp, email

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