San Antonio Missions see record sales with Flying Chancla gear

San Antonio Missions are changing their name to Flying Chanclas for nine games during the 2018 season

For decades, baseball in San Antonio has been synonymous with the Missions, but for a few games this season the Missions are mixing things up.

Say goodbye to the Missions of old and say hello tothe Flying Chanclas?

Daniel Vazquez was asked to create a nickname that resonated with San Antonio's dominant Hispanic for Minor League Baseball’s Copa de Diversion.

He knew he wasn't getting three strikes, so he had make sure the name was a home run.

Since the name was announced on March 20th, the Missions have taken in more than 3,000 orders on Chancla gear. From hats to shirts to even the Chanclas themselves.

According to Vazquez, the Chancla gear sold this season has almost reached the entire amount of Missions’ gear sold last year.

Funny how a name thought by many as a joke, has the Missions laughing all the way to the bank.

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